Opening a Spanish Bank Account in Ibiza

Are you working in Ibiza? Starting a new business? Or even becoming an Ibiza resident?… Yes! In which case it’s a good idea to open a Spanish bank account in Ibiza. 

Some banks offer a non-residents account that you can open by simply providing your passport, NIE, proof of address + €30 opening fee.

Essential Documents

  1. Passport: You will need a valid passport as proof of identity.
  2. NIE: This is your tax identification number, required to get a work contract. Pay rent etc.
  3. Proof of address: Either your rental contract, utility bill.
Other documents you might need
  • Work Contract: you might need proof of employment status in the form of a work contract or unemployment documents. If you are in education, then your student card will be required.
  • Residency card: Tarjeta de Residencia. Or if you are a non resident,
  • Non resident certificate: Certificado de no residencia. This can be obtained via a Spanish consulate or at your local police station in Ibiza.

It is important to note that if you spend more than 183 days per annum in Spain you must become a resident for tax purposes.

Bank Charges

Each bank charges completely differently so do some research, ask in the forums. Choose an account with a bank that most suits your needs.

Most banks charge you per year for having a current account.
Usually the fee is between €15 to €30 per annum. It is also not a bad idea to check the charges for debit and credit cards, the cost of cheque books and savings accounts etc.

Banks in Ibiza

  • Bankia – 971 31 80 09
  • Banco Sabadell – 902 32 30 00
  • Banca March – 971 33 46 25
  • Caixabank – 971 80 97 50
  • BMN Sa Nostra – 971 31 26 11
  • Cajamar Caja Rural – 971 31 91 18
  • Bankinter – 971 33 55 12
  • Bbva – 971 30 21 14