What are Facebook Hashtags?

Just six years ago hashtags were purely for Twitter, who introduced them to the world of Social Media.

As the years have passed, other social platforms got onboard, including; Vine, Instagram, Tumblr.  Finally Facebook has followed suit by incorporating hashtags which users can click to search.

I urge you to make the most of this new trend! Below are some of the benefits your company  can gain by using hashtags in your Facebook marketing campaigns:


Facebook hashtags are a great way to promote special events, new products, and limited time offers. You can remind your audience of a special event with a hashtag, eg #islandlifeparty. This also gives your followers  an easy way to find photos and info of all events.


The main aim of the game, as always with social media is to spread your company/brand as far and wide as you can to pick up as many new customers as possible.  Hashtags help get your brand in front of people who are exploring a specific topic and who otherwise might not have seen your brand.


If you use the same hashtag on all of your companies social platforms, it makes it easy to share that content on all of them. For example if you wanted to share a video on the increasingly popular Vine, you could share a photo still from the video on your company facebook page with the hashtag #Vine. This shows your facebook followers where they need to go to see the video. Similarly, by using the same hashtag you use on your Vine video as on the photo on facebook for example #IslandLife  you are maintaining consistency with the same hashtag that they use on Vine for the videos. Clicking on those Facebook hashtags will take viewers to all related posts over all of your company’s  platforms.


Always remember that whilst you should always remain professional, social media is predominantly about ‘fun’. Your customers predominantly will be online in their free time or as a distraction from a boring day at work!  😉 Many brands will create funny hashtags in keeping with what is currently trending. If you can make people laugh with word play  or even create  a trending hashtag, you will capture, captivate and expand your audience.

It really is  a good idea to make the most of marketing your business with Facebook hashtags. Experiment with various strategies and always remember to measure the results.