Hot Desking & Coworking in Ibiza

Ibiza is not all about the party (unfortunately).  Partying hard and working hard go hand in hand. However, often the hedonists the island attracts are creatives, artists and entrepreneurs. This burgeoning society often have flexible working hours, no fixed office space and a desire to meet and collaborate with workers of similar values in a relaxed and inspiring environment.

What is hot desking?

Just incase you’re not familiar with the term – hot desking is a system of desk usage in shared offices. Sometimes dividing time between multiple workers at a single work station… aka Coworking.

There is an enormous and ever growing number of freelancers, independent contractors and entrepreneurs living in Ibiza. Hot desking is ideal solution. Coworking is also a great way for professionals that work from home – such as freelancers – to feel less isolated and more focussed away from the many distractions of home.

There is an enormous and ever growing number of freelancers, independent contractors and entrepreneurs living in Ibiza.

This is also the perfect environment to meet people. Network with like minded individuals; an invaluable tool to progress in business.

Eivissa is the business hub on the island; here’s a list of where you can hot desk in Ibiza Town.

Cowork Ibiza

Why: Space to work, scheduled meetings and presentations, a photographic studio with PROFOTO equipment. Coaching and psychology sessions for individual entrepreneurs and companies are also provided.

Cost: Part Time, from €125 per month

Ibiza Coworking

Why: Offering both work and rest areas, virtual office service and high speed internet at affordable prices. Plus they boast the largest private parking of Ibiza downtown – a definite plus!

Cost: Hot desking, from €100 per month

Casa Del Rey Business Lounge

Why: Their self proclaimed USP is free wine and unlimited banter! Along with less important factors such as storage, high speed internet, private skype rooms and meeting/conference room hire.

How much: Lounge Access begins at €59 per month with lots of options.

Feel Good Cafe

Why: if you prefer a more casual working environment this cafe offers a bit more than healthy food and juices; check out upstairs for desk space, wifi and plug sockets.

How much: Lunch is less than €10 and you can work whilst you eat.

Monthly CoWorking Meet Up

This monthly event offers those that want a change of scenery a place to work on their laptops for a day and meet some new and like minded island folk. The idea being that new collaborations could be born, along with the usual networking chit-chat. Each are encouraged to bring a bottle for post work drinks with room for 16 to cowork. Information on future events can be found on Facebook.

With a wide selection of spaces to choose from, Hot desking is relatively inexpensive and readily available in Ibiza town. As much as it is a luxury to be able to work from home, it is also important to separate your work and home life; especially if you struggle with self discipline. With the island attracting so many likeminded expats – You never know who you could meet and what collaborations could be born through coworking.

Where To Learn Spanish in Ibiza

Now that you’ve made the decision to live in Ibiza all year round it’s important to fully embrace island life. Getting competent and confident at speaking Spanish will not only make your life a lot easier, it’s also respectful to locals; not to mention the fact it will give you something productive to do over the winter months.

Here are four options for learning Spanish in Ibiza

CEPA Pitiüses

These are fantastic adult courses funded by the Government, taking place in all over the island, and for all levels. Simply pick a location: San Antonio, Ibiza Town, Santa Eulalia or Formentera and be sure to register in either September or February. You will be assessed and put in the appropriate level group, ranging from absolute beginner right up to intermediate. The registration fee is €20 and classes are held twice weekly, though spaces are understandably in high demand.

Instituto de Idiomas Ibiza

Based in Ibiza Town; this is the only Instituto Cervantes accredited school on the island. These fast paced adult lessons are usually taught in groups,although there is a private tuition option should you prefer.  They also offer a 25% discount for residents on intensive courses; and often have winter deals. You will be tested upon entry and grouped appropriately.

ABLA Ibiza

This language exchange group is a really fun way to practice your Spanish, and meet new people over the winter. The group arranges a location, from Project Social Santa Eulalia to Ocean Drive Hotel in Marina Bottafoch and many different Cafes all over the island. All levels welcome, but obviously having a basic grasp of the Spanish language will be beneficial when chatting to others! Only €3 per meeting, highly recommended.

Private Tutor

There are so many different islanders offering personal tuition, particularly in the winter. Some will even do a group discount, so you can gather a group of friends together and make it a weekly social, or just stick to one on one tuition. The best place to find a recommendation is either by asking around…word of mouth travels fast on a small island! Or if you’re stuck it is worth looking on the Ibiza Winter Residents and Real Ibiza Winter Residents Facebook pages. It’s a question that comes up time and time again, so just search Spanish lessons and a wealth of information should be at your fingertips.

Wishing you all the best with whichever option best suits for your language journey. Now all you need to do is find a local that will answer you back in Spanish and not English! 😉 ¡Buena Suerte!

Get Fit With Holistic Fitness In Ibiza

When we think about getting fit the first thoughts that spring to mind would probably involve some High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and a carb/sugar free diet to get there. Holistic fitness, however is an entirely different approach; with the belief that in order to get genuinely fit we need to work on not just the physical but also our mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. All of these factors are interconnected and need to be worked upon and balanced in order to achieve overall fitness.

What does holistic mean?


    characterised by the belief that the parts of something are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.
    characterised by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of a disease.

Here’s a break down of what Holistic health means to Peta Olivia – Holistic Fitness.

Balance is key

Holistic fitness embraces the idea of balance. You can train hard, but you need to rest just as hard too!

Ibiza can often feel like quite an extreme place. The hedonistic, high temperature, high volume and overcrowded summer juxtaposed to the quiet, serene and tranquil winters. In living here we embrace such extremes but really in it’s own way these extremes counterbalance each other and bring balance to an all year round lifestyle us expats love.

Holistic fitness embraces the idea of balance. You can train hard, but you need to rest just as hard too! Good sleeping patterns and stress reducing habits are of equal importance to a healthy diet whilst really engaging with the world around you will work in unison to improve – not just your health, but also promote a happier life.


Holistic health encourages a genuine awareness with your environment. Being truly conscious of your feelings; self awareness, and indeed how your surroundings effect your mood and actions are so important. Meditation is therefore highly encouraged, for both spiritual and mental health as it helps one to be present, patient and grateful; all key ingredients to a healthy lifestyle.

Listen to your body

We are all different, for example some of us have faster metabolisms than others. With that in mind, it is important for the individual to note how certain foods work with their body. Some food might digest slowly, and make you feel lethargic. Similarly some exercise might be too challenging due to a personal injury or disability. Listening to your body and becoming aware of such responses to both diet and exercise enables the individual to make the right choices for their body.

Mix it up

It is important to mix up your workouts as different types of exercise will not just utilise different muscle groups and encourage different results, they will also evoke different feelings which in turn brings balance. For example: on one day you might do some vigorous aerobic exercise such as sprinting or cycling, and the next something less intense like yoga or thai chi, and the following some weight training, etc. Remembering always the vital ingredient of REST!

Love yourself

Along with working out your body and mind, you have to put some work in to gain emotional fitness too. Being emotionally fit doesn’t mean you are tough but more that you practise self love. Emotionally fit people are accepting and grateful of themselves and those around them. This is again a personal decision as to what works best for you; journalling, or expression through art or music can help or even some counselling. Whatever you choose to help you emotionally, this is another equally important aspect of your holistic workout.

Holistic fitness celebrates the individual. It seeks to enrich all aspects of your wellbeing to make you the healthiest and happiest person you can be in all aspects of your life. If you’re interested in starting your own holistic fitness journey in Ibiza – visit or search Facebook for ‘petaoliviaholisticfitness’.

Why Go Organic In Ibiza?

On moving to Ibiza, you realise that – within the expat community at least- that health is as important, if not far more so than the hedonism that might have originally inspired the move to the island.

Here’s a why and how to of going organic in Ibiza to benefit your health, local businesses, the environment and to save face in your health conscious community.

Health Benefits To Going Organic

In winter, when Ibiza’s lemon trees are blossoming is when our bodies need vitamin C the most to fight off colds and flus.

  • Improved cognitive development: as a result of  organically farmed foods reduced exposure to pesticides.
  • Less risk of developing a resistance to antibiotics.
  • Diminished risk of developing type 2 diabetes
  • Low risk of obesity

Health Benefits To Eating Seasonally

  • Consuming seasonal produce not only puts you in sync with the tiny Mediterranean island you live on but it supports your natural nutritional needs.
  • In winter, when Ibiza’s lemon trees are blossoming is when our bodies need vitamin C the most to fight off colds and flus.
  • In summer, meló eriçó – melon that ripen in the hot August sun are full of beta-carotene which help protect our skin against sun damage.
  • Local raw organic honey can help fight allergies

Environmental Benefits

  • Due to local distribution; less transportation helps aid the fight against global warming.
  • The production of organic food helps to encourage the natural balance of the ecosystem.
  • Organic produce avoids the use of chemicals, which stops water and soil contamination.

Benefits To The Island

  • Buying local means more money for the community
  • Give something back to Ibiza. You clearly love the island, as you’ve chosen to live here…keep Ibiza’s businesses booming and plants flourishing and the island will love you right back.
  • Eat with a conscience and responsibility, we’re sure you love the abundant wildlife of Ibiza…organic produce is less harmful to the islands’ natural inhabitants and conserves biodiversity.

Where to buy organic Produce

  • Can Curune, San Joan Road
  • Bio Organic, Ibiza Town
  • Supermercado Can Escandell, San Miguel-Santa Gertrudis road
  • Can Muson, Santa Eulalia
  • Ibi-Zen-Eco – delivery service

Where to eat out organic

The Rabbit Hole – San Rafael

This gorgeous deli also boasts an  organic and vegan shop. Fresh local ingredients, with some rather special dairy and gluten free options to boot.

La Paloma – San Lorenzo

Located overlooking a gorgeous orange orchard. Many of the ingredients used are not just organic but are grown on site!

Passion Cafe – Playa d’en Bossa, Marina Bottafoch, Santa Eulalia and San Josep

With four different locations you are never far away from Passion’s equally delicious and nutritious meals and juices.

Wild Beets – Santa Gertrudis

Smack bang in the middle of the island… this Santa Gertrudis restaurant is a particular treat for vegans.

Spoilt for choice of restaurants and shops in all areas of the island, we hope this has convinced you to spend the extra time and money to invest in an organic life, for yourself and ibiza.

Opening a Spanish Bank Account in Ibiza

Are you working in Ibiza? Starting a new business? Or even becoming an Ibiza resident?… Yes! In which case it’s a good idea to open a Spanish bank account in Ibiza. 

Some banks offer a non-residents account that you can open by simply providing your passport, NIE, proof of address + €30 opening fee.

Essential Documents

  1. Passport: You will need a valid passport as proof of identity.
  2. NIE: This is your tax identification number, required to get a work contract. Pay rent etc.
  3. Proof of address: Either your rental contract, utility bill.
Other documents you might need
  • Work Contract: you might need proof of employment status in the form of a work contract or unemployment documents. If you are in education, then your student card will be required.
  • Residency card: Tarjeta de Residencia. Or if you are a non resident,
  • Non resident certificate: Certificado de no residencia. This can be obtained via a Spanish consulate or at your local police station in Ibiza.

It is important to note that if you spend more than 183 days per annum in Spain you must become a resident for tax purposes.

Bank Charges

Each bank charges completely differently so do some research, ask in the forums. Choose an account with a bank that most suits your needs.

Most banks charge you per year for having a current account.
Usually the fee is between €15 to €30 per annum. It is also not a bad idea to check the charges for debit and credit cards, the cost of cheque books and savings accounts etc.

Banks in Ibiza

  • Bankia – 971 31 80 09
  • Banco Sabadell – 902 32 30 00
  • Banca March – 971 33 46 25
  • Caixabank – 971 80 97 50
  • BMN Sa Nostra – 971 31 26 11
  • Cajamar Caja Rural – 971 31 91 18
  • Bankinter – 971 33 55 12
  • Bbva – 971 30 21 14

Pet Grooming Tips

With it’s amazing beaches and endless trails, Ibiza is the ideal place for dog-walking. The red soil however IS NOT man’s best friend. It can make for some very muddy paws indeed. Fear not! Here are some grooming tips from Sarah at Muddy Paws Ibiza.

Regular grooming

It encourages good health in terms of your dog’s coat, skin, teeth, claws, paws and ears. It gives you a regular opportunity to examine your dogs body, allowing you to notice early on anything unusual that may require veterinary attention.


How Often? Depending on how mucky your pup is…they may only need to be bathed every two to four months. It is important to note you shouldn’t never bathe them too often as it can wash out the natural oils causing their skin to dry out and become irritated.

How to get started? Only use a shampoo specially made for dogs as the chemicals in human shampoo can be too harsh for animals skin and coat.

Wherever you choose to bathe your dog, be sure to put a non-slip surface, such as a bath mat or towel, in the bottom of your bathtub.

Consulting a professional groomer is important for owners of dogs needing to be clipped or trimmed on a regular basis.

Just as you would wash your own hair, lather up their coat, avoid getting shampoo and water directly in the eyes, mouth or ears and then rinse thoroughly.


Brushing is so important, regardless of breed or coat as it not only removes the dead hair but also exfoliates the surface of the skin, removing dead and dry skin, whilst distributing the natural oils for a clean and healthy coat.

How often? All dogs should be brushed at least three times a week. Wether it is to specifically remove matted hair or just to help them with a shedding coat or just as a routine brush.

How to get started? There are so many different types of dog brushes and combs available. Be sure to use the right tool for the task at hand…

If you’re removing dead coat and hair mats then universal slicker brushes and shedding blades are ideal. Both are far too harsh for general purpose use.

Consider what you’re trying to achieve and choose according to the specific purpose.

You may find it useful to let your pet get familiar with the brush you’re using – if they can see and smell the brush they may be less inclined to feel distressed by it’s use/ try to bite it… and remember a little treat goes a long way so always reward and praise!

If you start of with short grooming sessions and then you can start to increase the time bit by bit once your pup is more comfortable…they may even start to really enjoy it.


How frustrating is it when you have a stone in your shoe or even something stuck to the bottom? imagine how poor pooches feel if they get something caught on their paws! Regular grooming keeps their feet trim and neat, which will reduce the chances of this, making your dog much more comfortable.

How to get started? You can carefully trim over the top of their paws with scissors and even under the pads. Never try to trim in between the toes or the pads of the foot.

Consulting a professional groomer is important for owners of dogs needing to be clipped or trimmed on a regular basis.

Does your dog need grooming?

Sometimes there aren’t enough hours in the day to pamper your pooches! If you need a hand with your beloved pets call Sarah +34 697 383 036, or search Facebook for Muddy Paws Ibiza. Ibiza’s complete pet services, offering professional grooming for all sizes and breeds.

Useful Phone Numbers in Ibiza

SOS/Ibiza Emergency Operator – 112


  • Emergencies – 061.
  • Doctor 24/7 Medical Center Ibiza Town – 902422001.
  • National Health Service (Insalud) Appointments – 902079079.



Fire Brigade


  • Emergencies.
    • Clinica Veterinaria Jesús – 649984777.
    • Clínica Veterinaria Figuretas – 619879242.
    • Clínica Veterinaria San Jorge – 608033151.

View full list of ibiza vets (coming soon).

Policía Local

Policía Nacional

Gurdia Civil

  • Emergencies – 062.


Radio Taxis


  • Flight Information – 971809000 (press 9 for English).

Ferry Companies

Local Council



Volunteering At MOJIS Animal Sanctuary

Calling all animal lovers! MOJIS Animal Sanctuary Ibiza is a doggy haven right in the heart of the island and volunteering is an experience not to be missed!

Nestled in stunning scenery on the road between San Carlos and San Juan, MOJIS Ibiza was once a dream of animal ENTHUSIAST Abraham, now its a reality! Not like any other rescue shelter you will have seen, the many animals that live there lead a very happy life and are trained to respect all other animals and humans. Dogs and cat’s… live together in perfect harmony!

Although its predominantly dogs living at the sanctuary, all breeds, ages, shapes and sizes. Lets not forget the aforementioned cats and kittens. Ducks, rabbits, chickens. GIANT pigs, piglets, goats and ferrets. Hedgehogs and horses.

Cats and kittens. Ducks, rabbits, chickens. GIANT pigs, piglets, goats and ferrets. Hedgehogs and horses.

Abraham treats all the animals with equal respect, and the respect is mutual!  He finds animals in states of distress, abuse and abandonment. Not only does Abraham nurse them back to health but he – in his own words – rehabilitates them, to ensure that they are in a fit state to be adopted. No MOJIS Ibiza animal will be re-homed until it is able to live with humans and other animals in a family environment.

To help MOJIS survive Abraham desperately need your help. There are no subsidies which he can use besides his own income. He is dependent on donations. Find out more about donating or volunteering at MOJIS Ibiza.

Check out the photo gallery of MOJIS CHRISTMAS FIESTA 2015. The charity event was a complete success. I don’t know the final figure yet but we raised loads of money for the animals! It was a fantastic turn out and a really fun & festive day! Thanks to everyone who took part.

You can follow MOJIS on Facebook for updates.

Better Your Business With Twitter

Tweeting, in short is ‘micro blogging’. Using 140 characters or less, it can be a very useful tool for ‘word of mouth’ marketing for your business. Here’s 10 steps to better your business using Twitter.

1. What’s in a name?
Your Twitter name is very important, the shoe has to fit. Most simply it needs to be or at least contain your company’s name. If unfortunately you’ve been beaten to the chase and someone else has your preferred name, then get crafty – hyphens, spelling change, ‘we are’ company name, etc.

2. Strategise
Who do you want to follow you? How will you get people to follow you? What will you Tweet? How often will you Tweet? – But beware of over-saturation, read our previous post about social media tips and tricks.

3. Follow
Get following your competitors and others in some way related to your industry, see who they’re following and follow a few of them too!

4. Stalker warning
Be very careful not to go too mad on the ‘following’ as following thousands will not only make your account look like a ‘spammer’ but it can also negatively effect your company’s Google ranking.

5. Use tools
TweetDeck is a fantastic third party Twitter tool which enables you to post and read posts of those you’re following in one place very quickly and easily, giving you more time whilst enabling you to keep your eye on several balls.

6. Tracking
It’s handy to track your business’ progress through Hootsuite, tinyurl and They monitor your tweets and remember how many clicks each link acquires.
Access your analytics – look at what works and keep doing it!

7. Etiquette
You’re a business, so although social media has a relaxed feel to it always remain businesslike! Don’t make personal posts about yourselves, other individuals or companies. It is also not a good idea to boast about how amazing your company is. To attract and keep followers you need to ‘give something back’ as an incentive. Interact with your audience by posting, retweeting any useful/relevant information.

8. Promote
Post links to your Twitter address on your company website, business cards, any promotional flyers, other social media pages and at the bottom of your emails.

10. Be humble
Ask your followers for feedback and if you go wrong APOLOGISE. It will make your followers feel valued and important and make your company more likeable.

If all this seems like too much to take on… we can help – contact us.  We set up social profiles, build hype, promote events, launch products and competitions – all deep in the campaign trenches. Get productive, delegate and watch your business spread like wild fire across the social networks.

My Top 5 Ibiza Beaches

Ibiza boasts over 50 beautiful beaches, leaving visitors a little spoilt for choice!  Here are our top 5 Ibiza beaches incase sadly, you don’t have time to visit them all…

1) Playa D’en Bossa

The Island’s longest and probably most famous beach. With many a bar, including the infamous Bora Bora and an ever growing number of restaurants and shops. Just across the road from Space (see The Clubs you cannot miss), this is undeniably the party beach…all day…all night!

  • Location: South Coast, close to Ibiza Town
  • Good for: Pre WE LOVE Space Sundays, and beach bar crawling everyday.
  • The crowd: Locals and tourists alike from all corners of the Globe gather to party.

2) Cala Conte

An incredibly beautiful beach by day, Cala Conte is also a perfect sunset beach, with three restaurants to choose from. The turquoise water is perfectly clear and the rugged scenery is stunning.

  • Location: West coast, close to Cala Bassa
  • Good For: snorkelling! Incredible visibility and abundant fish
  • The crowd: don’t be surprised if you see the odd nudist! That said this is a very family friendly beach, so it’s a complete mixed crowd.

3) Las Salinas

Famously known as the beach for beautiful people, whether this is true or not, the beach itself is so unbelievably beautiful it cannot be missed! DJ’s playing the best Balearic tunes until sunset, another great beach to party or you can just float in the very salty bight blue sea.

  • Location: South coast, close to the Airport and Ibiza Town
  • Good For: People watching and sophisticated beach parties, the scenery (it’s part of a nature reserve), and incredible rock formations!
  • The crowd: Tourists and locals gather predominantly to see and be seen, whilst sipping on a cocktail or 2. However, families, hippies and again the odd nudist….this is Ibiza!

4) Talamanca

The beautiful bay of Talamanca is the closest beach to Ibiza Town, giving it a real buzz. Lots of different bars and restaurants on the promenade make for great places to enjoy the view of the shallow crystal clear water over. Great for people watching, and the calm water is the perfect place to chill so close to town.

  • Location: Close to the Marina and Ibiza Town
  • Good for: The best of both worlds, where the vibrant town meets the tranquil beach setting.
  • The crowd: Siesta-ing locals and tourists. Plus the depth of the water make it a safe beach for kids, so there’s a family vibe also.

5) Sa Pedrera

The iconic and incredible Atlantis is unmissable! The small beach of Sa Pedrera is a historical hidden gem which has to be seen to be believed. Marvel at the ancient carvings left in the quarry and on the rocky cliffs. An extraordinary and truly magical place.

  • Location: South West, not far from Cala D´Hort and opposite the famous rock – Es Vedrá
  • Good For: Getting all hippy and feeling at one with the Island’s mystical secrets… an absolute must! Also, snorkelling and rock climbing.
  • The crowd: Anyone wanting to feel a part of Ibiza’s undeniable magic or up for a bit of adventure.